in an attempt to make sense of the world…

sometimes i think life is less difficult than we make it seem. fall is turning to winter and the sky turns darker faster. so the stars can play. why cant other people notice these things and appreciate them? oh well, so in a world of ignorance i find hope in the small places. not all of my friends but those rare few see through the fog. in these moments i am happy. then the ignorance kicks in. hatred, disgust, prejudice, bubbliness, and designer clothes… are we at a downfall or a recession? ive yet to find the answer. all i know is that i wont fall prey. i have the will and i have the way…. will this world ever grow up?


telling lies to myself… for comfort

it feels like i talk to myself to achieve something from it. self-worth? recognition? attention? even if those last two were synonyms, it still does not dampen the message… i am here for other people and not myself. so what am i to do? go down in craziness talking to myself or excel in blog-making and not worry if the attention i ask for comes or not. eventually i guess everything will fall into place like pieces in a puzzle. so here i am, the lone blogger, writing amidst the darkness not beckoning for light, but neigh do i shun the light if it comes. i will write. for me. and when the time comes i will write for the people, but that isn’t what i look for… no. not now

to consider this the next step, is to reveal all your flaws

so what is wrong with the world? or is it just america? where have we gone and have we forgotten what we are? the only thing left is ignorance, you see it on tv, in music, in what we wear, and in us…. we’ve devolved into sex driven monkeys who focus on the shallow bubbly things in life… but i don’t care. if our societys failing let it fail. but god help us if our children fall too. and its starting now!!! slowly our poisonous culture is seeping slowly down the age groups and is touching our youth…. if we lose our youth to idiocy then have we lost all hope… my hope is in the future.. and amidst this bleak future there are still lights. there are still people out there, with minds, with hearts, with respect, and sense… they are all we have.. in a world which is rapidly being overrun… by ignorance.. god save the children of the future. where are we going from here?