when rough becomes smooth and mountains become mole hills… hold my hand as we go into the forest and find some trees to knock on…


so everything is starting to turn out a little brighter and things are looking great again 🙂


so here i am in anticipation, anxious and excited for whats coming ahead


im loving life 🙂


orange you glad i didn’t say banana?


time and space are the universe’s most successful couple…. god help us if they ever break up

time time time time…. we always need more time, we ask, beg, plead for it. but it continues going on, maybe its for the best.

time time time time…. to fix mistakes because there isnt enough time to sometimes. to prove you are not the spawn of a devil child that they think you are.

time time time time…. one more hour, minute, second with you my love, id do anything to be holding you longer, one day we wont have to worry, soon itll be just us.

space…space…space… why do we bicker about who owns this house when we can work together as a family, sons and parents, and both get what we want.

space…space…space… i need my own. but alas i cannot afford one, damn economy and the price for freedom

space…space…space… we are a jewel floating through ur vast emptiness. do we shine? or are we tainted?

i love you

the universe turns and i wallow…

sometimes i wonder if life is out to get me. or if it’s been waiting for the exact right moment to totally mess up everything. the 18th year of my existence has turned out horrible and the only one i can blame is myself. court cases and wrecking havoc in my family, all i can ask is why why why?…. but i never get an answer.

sometimes it’s hard to believe in karma when your life crumbles and you never harmed a soul in your life. when you’ve only been the kindest and most caring u could be. i haven’t found the reason why such a good person must suffer what i suffer. yet i continue to suffer.

but in the darkness there is light, and i find my happiness in her. yes, it is a girl, a woman, an amazing person of which i find strength. and she is mine, as i am hers.. call it cliche or call it many things, i call it love and i call it happiness. my life places a mountain in front of me, she makes a tunnel to walk through, my life gives me twists and turns and roads i can barely manage, she gives me a detour, my life gives me canyons with no easy way to cross, she builds me a bridge. my life leaves me falling…. she teaches me how to fly. she is all i could ask for and more, my hope is that i return the favour. through thick and thin she has been there, and i hope that she stays forever..

so as i drift through time and space i hold hope close and happiness even closer.

i traveled through time so that i could read your love letters once again…

i’ve realized i’ve not posted much of anything in a long time… i cannot give much of a good reason why, i just never got to it. maybe it was boredom, lack of creativity, lack of motivation, or bigger, more important shenanigans. i say shenanigans because what we do in life is all shenanigans (and i happen to love the word). 

anyways, i recently took a look at what i had left behind here on tumblr and i guess you can say the inspiration from my old self caused me to be the inspired current self i am now. does that make me a new me? not necessarily; do we ever really change? or do we just start doing new things? i think that all the traits we need to be successful are within us. we are born with every trait needed to succeed or fail. WE choose which trait to use, and it’s highly possible that we can change which traits we use to define us, does that necessarily mean we change or that we’re being more responsible of our personality?

well, in the end we are all time travelers going thru time at the same pace.