i traveled through time so that i could read your love letters once again…

i’ve realized i’ve not posted much of anything in a long time… i cannot give much of a good reason why, i just never got to it. maybe it was boredom, lack of creativity, lack of motivation, or bigger, more important shenanigans. i say shenanigans because what we do in life is all shenanigans (and i happen to love the word). 

anyways, i recently took a look at what i had left behind here on tumblr and i guess you can say the inspiration from my old self caused me to be the inspired current self i am now. does that make me a new me? not necessarily; do we ever really change? or do we just start doing new things? i think that all the traits we need to be successful are within us. we are born with every trait needed to succeed or fail. WE choose which trait to use, and it’s highly possible that we can change which traits we use to define us, does that necessarily mean we change or that we’re being more responsible of our personality?

well, in the end we are all time travelers going thru time at the same pace.


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