time and space are the universe’s most successful couple…. god help us if they ever break up

time time time time…. we always need more time, we ask, beg, plead for it. but it continues going on, maybe its for the best.

time time time time…. to fix mistakes because there isnt enough time to sometimes. to prove you are not the spawn of a devil child that they think you are.

time time time time…. one more hour, minute, second with you my love, id do anything to be holding you longer, one day we wont have to worry, soon itll be just us.

space…space…space… why do we bicker about who owns this house when we can work together as a family, sons and parents, and both get what we want.

space…space…space… i need my own. but alas i cannot afford one, damn economy and the price for freedom

space…space…space… we are a jewel floating through ur vast emptiness. do we shine? or are we tainted?

i love you


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