A Personal Opinion on Life II

Previously, i spoke about the truths of the universe.

Now lets talk about society.

In two words i can describe the whole american culture:

F**ked up.

I see the world like this because of many things, mainly of the rise of the ignorant, the spoiled, and the apethetic. All this reflects itself in music, politics, and culture in general. My own generation disgusts me with how shalow most are, and on top of that these are the people that our parents generation is entrusting with the future.

It’s truely terrifying.

Even in college, where peole come for an education in something professional, I see people care more about the best way to get drug and where the parties are, but it’s okay because most get weeded out after freshmen year. Even that doesn’t help our generation, if anything, it just creates a larger lower class.

I feel sad for the ignorant, but i don’t pity those that put themselves in their situation.

Another thing I am dissappointed with is the mediocrity of politics and how it’s become a high school popularity contest, but in the end, no one wins. Our government is more interested in proving which animal is better, the ass or the huge ass with a trunk. And speaking of elephants and donkeys, politics can really be related to a circus.


With a divided government that shows little care for actually improving the state of the nation. Our hope lis within the few educated individuals that can make it through one of the hardest economies since the Great Depression and the worst employment regression for young adults.

All in all, we are in a crummy place in time, but through perserverence maybe there is hope.

Hope in spite of horrible conditions

That’s how i see the world


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