A Personal Opinion on Life

As the first post in the adequately titled “life stuff” category, it seems fitting to make a post about life in general. A note to readers that this isn’t a ‘Meaning to Life’ kinda thing, just a ‘I breathe therefore I blog about it’ kinda thing.


So I’ll start off with what I’ve essentially formed as the Ultimate Truths of the Universe, and then explain the stuff kinda came runner-up.

The Truths whittle down to 2 undeniable facts:

1. I think

2. I exist in someway

As such everything else is relative and is susceptible to the perception of the senses. The reason why the first truth is ‘I think’ is essentially because the one true thing that I have full power of is my thoughts, they are not physically real and cannot be manipulated in anyway by outer forces. All in all, the one thing that I know of the universe around me is that even if everything else around me just up and disappeared, my thoughts and my ability to think would still still exist.

This brings me to Truth 2, existence. I’ve come to figure that in some way I must exist. For if I think I must be within a place where a thought can occur, if i didn’t exist, I wouldn’t have the power to think because I must be existent in order to be able to think.

This brings the question then: if you don’t think then would that mean you don’t exist? My answer to that is I don’t know.

In the current state that I exist, I think. Since I do not live in any other state I cannot make a truth about a different state than that of which I am.

Now onwards to the relative stuff. Let’ start basic: breathing. I do it to ‘live’ but the real question is do I need to breathe to think? And the answer is no. Note that thinking and the existence of a brain are two different things. I think and what the reality I ‘live’ in tells me that I use the brain to think. But I cannot confirm that. So again the brain is relative.

Back to breathing. As I said, I don’t need breathing to think. But in this reality breathing allows the brain to function thus allowing the brain to produce thought. Since, as stated above, I cannot confirm the existence of the brain, I cannot confirm that breathing directly births the ability to think. So no breathing is relative.

Now here’s the fun part. A complexity that really challenges the truths.


No, I don’t do drugs, but it’s what they do that makes things complex: they change how we think and perceive the world around us. It’s not this affect that worries me though.

Because those affected by drugs don’t alter others universal perception. This brings up an interesting question.

Is the structure of the universe around us supported by the collective belief of those around me or is the universe based on my perception?

The one way I could personally prove this would be to try drugs and see what happens. I don’t believe I will, but there might be another way.

Bring someone who has yet to see the world, has yet to interpret any information. Into a room made in complete darkness by people who had no knowledge about the room location and what it looked like. Provide a way of nourishing this being somehow and then after a certain period of time. Possibly over a course of a couple years. And then have someone enter the room.

There’s two possibilities I can imagine. One is complete blackness and the other is something else. Of course this is a basic explanation of the proposal, there’s still so much variables that need addressed.


This is life in my philosophical view. For the social view of the world take a look at the next post.


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