Another existential truth

The question is known by all.

Why are we here?

It is a question that spans the whole of human history and it will continue to do so until the very last day for mankind.

In my lifetime however, upon much thought, I came to an answer that is simple yet complex. It provokes the furtherance of my existence and essentially provides the importance of why I’m here.

I call it self-existence.

When I come upon the question this is how I answer.

There is no meaning to life in the span of the whole universe. We exist to exist. There is no ultimate goal of the human race other than to exist and do something with our existence.

When one breaks away from the responsibility of having a universal importance, the question of our existence is answered.

We exist to create purpose of the world around us.

Our existence has no affect on the whole universe, but it does have an effect on the immediate surroundings.

We live on earth and because we do, we directly affect the happenings of this planet.

What goes on in this planet truly is dependent on what we and every other living organism on this planet decide to do.

In this sense we create importance essentially out of thin air.

And that’s pretty awesome.

Falling prey to the unavoidable cliche, life is a video game and we are the players.

To us, life has importance and our actions directly affect the universe we are immersed in.

But to the outside world not involved in the video game, there is nothing actually happening due to our actions.

So no, we don’t have an ultimate purpose of existence, but we exist in order to promote the continuation of life.

That is my answer


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