The Absolutely True Story of a Random Person

My legend began in the 12th century! Or rather it began in 1992. But that part isn’t interesting.

Basically I barfed and stuff and one time I shat and it wasn’t in a toilet. Cool story.


Lets fast forward to a time where I didn’t barf and shit hit the fan instead of the toilet.

My freshmen year.

It was my first time I’d be on my own in college (que fireworks of awesome). I was 17 and I was on my way towards eternal glory!!!

Or so it seemed.

Halfway through the semester I literally stopped giving a damn. So no surprise I failed the semester.


Now I was out of college with no support what could I do. Fortunately I still had financial aide. And with that I was able to attend community college for a year. I even got a job.

But then I failed again.

For most this would be the end of the story. No one can recover from this.

If it wasn’t for my mums stubborn faith in me it would be.

But I got a second chance. And here I am now at the end of the semester with my life back on track. Maybe it was for the better that I went through what I went through but there’s still a long adventure ahead of me.

Jon, out.


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