The Apple Fell from the Tree

I have an iphone 4S, it will be the last phone or piece of technology period, that I will acquire from Apple.

I remember when i was younger and i got my first iPod nano, it was revolutionary; all the music I could want in something that I could carry in my pocket.

To me Apple used to be one of the technological gifts for society and because of the innovation of the iPods and iTunes, we are in a better place musically and technologically. I felt this way for a good while, even after the passing of Steve Jobs I was hopeful that Apple would still continue on bringing more innovation to the masses.

I was wrong.

When news of the iPhone 5 came out I was somewhat excited, not because I was interested in getting it (sorry I’m not that obsessed with getting what’s new). I was excited to see what Apple would do next that would take everyone by surprise again. Imagine how disappointing it was when i found out the new features.

iPhone 4S vs. iPhone 5:

bigger screen (okay i guess)

new map app (pretty horrible)

lost youtube (crap)

NEW CHARGER PORT! (this is ‘true genius’)

Not only was the fact that Apple lost two of it’s most efficient and essential apps, because it thought it was better without Google, but they thought A NEW CHARGER PORT WOULD BE A GREAT IDEA!! (It’s not).

Now really this is small stuff, it can be overlooked and all in all is not too bad. But here’s the main problem: there’s no innovation’

If I could name the iPhone 5 I would name it the iPhone 4 2: the sequel. This is mainly because what the iPhone 5 essentially is, is a slight update to the iPhone 4.

Unlike the iPhone 4 which was a completely different creature than the iPhone 3G. The iPhone 5 really holds no big change from its predecessor.


I truly believe that Apple shot itself in the foot when it unveiled the announcement of the IPAD MINI!!

What was now a joke on the Internet was a full fledged reality. That’s when you know things are bad.

I understand that Apple is trying to compete with the kindle fire but really?

All in all, the real thing Apple lost is its sense of innovation. It’s spirit to do what’s best for the customers. And the avoidance of overextending itself.

A sad future for Apple, but now everyone else can catch up and new innovations will come from other companies.


2 thoughts on “The Apple Fell from the Tree

  1. I think Samsung are starting to kick Apple ass in the phone stakes…mind you I lost my Iphone 4 and It’s like losing a limb

    • that’s harsh! I’m sorry for the loss!
      the question is whether you’re considering getting a new phone and if it’s going to be iPhone or something else?
      and yes you’re right about Samsung, after Apple raged against them Samsung really got some good
      publicity, and their Galaxy isn’t too shabby either.

      Thanks for the reply! 🙂

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