The essence of being

What makes us human?

Is it the distinction of being the only creature in this world capable of forming it to our will?


Is it the formation of morals and ethics?


I see human and truly the ultimate goal of ‘being’ as the moment when a species looks upon the world and first conceives the thought of life and mortality.

Consider a squirrel, does it live or does it survive? A squirrel does not ponder the world around it, instead, it seeks food because it draws upon instinct to do so. The squirrel does not ponder its own mortality, it just knows that a creature coming after it is a bad thing and it must defend itself from whatever the bad thing is.

We became human when we developed the thought:

‘I need food to live’

In the world that ancient homo sapiens lived in, the conditions faced were not ideal for a human, yet we stayed where we pleased. We neglected the instincts that animals followed, and we followed our own pursuits. We adapted and hunted, becoming predators. Unlike predators, we were not shackled to one area and thus allowed us to explore and spread out. Something no other animal could do without the process of evolution and random chance.

Humans existed in the cold of the arctic, and human existed in the dryness of the desert.

Humans existed through the harsh winters and the blazing summers.

We did not respond to what the world did, we endured as the world changed around us.

That will always be true for us.

Today we live in a world of luxury compared to what the most basic life is like. The separation from creature to being is now a chasm spanning an immeasurable distance.

We are human because we die and live, not because we survive.

That is the true essence of ‘being’.


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