A Cup of Morning post #1

Before I do this post let me explain what shall go on in morning posts.

Absolutely anything I want to happen.

Whatever happens I’m sure it’ll be a little refreshing and enjoyable. Enjoy your cup of morning post!



First things first. Jolly cooperation and praise the sun!

Good morning fellow bloggers lets start off with a random song from which to create atmosphere with. Today it will be
‘Coming Home’ by Goldfish I hope you en-


Oh crap! it’s the YOLO boys! It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!

Item received! Mutemath CD

+5 Good Taste -30 Brainwash +50% Nicki Minaj resistance

Item received! Northface Jacket

+ 2 Defense +60% Cold Resistance +5 Style
Passive: Takes 5% total wealth every paycheck. Stacks until wealth taken amounts to $180

Now go! Destroy those disappointments to society!

You used Maturity!

Critical hit! +200% Reason to Speech

-500 HP

YOLO boys used Call of Duty ‘Skills’!
+20 Ego Boost +200 HP + 50% Resistance to all Adult Spells!

You used Honed Gaming Skills!
+150% Effect from 15+ Years of Gaming!


YOLO boys used Rage Quit!

Enemy inflicted -100 HP to self!


Enemy defeated! You win!

+278 EXP!

LVL UP! +5 Respect +3 Fit +10 Troll Resistance

Item Recieved!

Cool Story, Bro!

+100% Cool Stories!

Well you definitely taught those kids a thing or two.


Get yourself a cup of joe, or take a shower. I dunno, do what you do to wake yourself up today.

It’s another great day to be alive and so much adventure awaits today, I can feel it!

New Mission! Enjoy Day. Reward: +100 EXP

Do not worry about what yesterday brought for today is a day anew. I hope you enjoyed today’s Cup of Morning.

Til next time,

Jon, Out.


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