Cup of Morning number 2

Good morning lovely bloggers! Welcome again to another fresh brewed Cup of Morning!

As always remember anything can and will happen in these posts!

So let’s start off with some music shall we? Beautiful World by Coldplay, an older song by them but always a good one.

So yesterday I got to experience the true gift of friendship:


Yes fellow bloggers it would seem that only amongst the best of friendships, flatulence is freely allowed and accepted.

Not only that, but it is fully accepted regardless of gender.


So I was having a nice game of Risk. For those of you that don’t know what Risk is, it’s basically a game about taking over the world with armies and whatnot. It’s very fun, I highly recommend it.

So here I am with my friends, that happen to be of the female variety, slowing winning the game because I have control of South America, Africa, and Austraillia. Victory was in my clutches…

But my bowels clutched something else.

With the stealth of a ninja, my cheeks delivered its gift to the world. The only downside was that it didn’t smell so lovely.

I became nervous, not wanting anyone to know I had sprayed my own dirty Febreeze into the room.

But it was inevitable.

‘Awww Jon what was that?!’ Said my lovely Colleen. The rest of my friends looked at me and I knew that I had been discovered, game over.

And then they laughed. These girls were laughing not at me, but at the efficiency of my fart.

I was surprised.

I always saw flatulence as a social taboo, but these girls, these friends of mine, were laughing and talking about their own stories of flatulence.

Not only were the stories of them, but also of their parents. Again I was surprised, but accepted.

And that my friends is true friendship.

A good morning to all, and a great rest of your days. Hope you enjoyed today’s Cup of Morning.

Jon, out.


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