The Evening Tea post #1

Good afternoon fellow bloggers! It’s another day and another adventure.

The Evening Tea is just your Cup of Morning, but in the afternoon. Just like the cup of morning, the tea can and will be about anything and everything.

Let’s start off with today’s background music: Mad World by Gary Jules. This song will bring a great mellow sound and he-


A book lands on the ground in front of me. After the dust settles, I head over and inspect it.


I open the book and read its contents

There once was a ruler of great legend.
He ruled his land with mighty power and all those under him loved and respected him.

This man was King Turbius. The great king of Joneia.

King Turbius always ruled his people with kindness; no one questioned him and peace existed for as long as he reigned, but one day the jimmies were rustled when a stranger came into the land.

She was an old woman dressed in concealing robes, holding an aura of mystery around her. She headed towards the King’s domain.

“King Turbius! A stranger seeks your audience immediately,” yelled one of the guards.

“Let this stranger in, I will grant my audience.” said the king.

The hall in which the king presided in was ornated with paintings and murals of Ducks and Horses. The murals depicted the epic battles waged against the armies of the Dark Overlords of Marmite. Turbius led these creatures into battle with his mighty sword Talliwag, and claimed victory for all mankind. The Dark Overlords warned that they would return before they were vanquished by Turbius. It had been 10 years since the mighty war and 10 years of peace for the land.

“You have requested my presence stranger. I ask for your identity in return.” bellowed the king.

“My identity is not important, but what information I bring carries the very fate of your land within its words.” The woman spoke with great age and heed in her voice.

“You speak of the fate of my land stranger. Do you mean to threaten Joneia’s peace or do you mean to warn of perils to come? Speak wisely.” Turbius exclaimed.

“I bring neither threat nor warning, only truth. Your land shall see the return of the Marmite, and shall be vanquished.”

“Marmite!” roared the king, “The name shall not be spoken of again stranger! I hope there is more to your words for the threat of the Overlords is a threat of an enemy!”

“I am but a messenger you can do to me what you will, but the end result shall not change.” she chided.

“Surely if you come bearing this news you must also know a way to prevent the fate or the risk would not be taken of you coming here.” Turbius reasoned.

“You are wise and the words are true, the return of the Marmite is inevitable. Yet, there is hope for the eternal vanquishing of these Dark Lords.”

“And where will this hope be birthed?”

“You must find the Crystal Penguin, it is the only wa-”

At this moment, a window shattered in the hall. Something had flown through and, in an instant, hit the old woman. She collapsed to the ground with a thud. The guards clambered rapidly around the hall quickly encircling the king to protect him.

“Move out of my way guards! I must see this woman!” he rumbled as he pushed through his guards.

On close inspection he found that the woman was shot by an arrow. There was no blood or injury from where the arrow embedded itself, only a dark aura. These arrows were used by the forces of Marmite. They did no physical harm, but tore apart the souls of its victims instantly killing them.

“She spoke the truth. The Marmites are returning. I must find this crystal penguin… wait what’s this?” he noticed a note in the palm of the woman’s hand. Turbius took it and read the writing:

Head to the place where it all began to find where it all will end.

“Bring me Talliwag,” he said, “I know where to go.”

Welp that’s it! Sort of. If you want to see the continuation of king turbius and that crystal penguin, stay tuned for future posts. Whether it be a Cup of Morning or The Evening Tea, keep an eye out because I can and will post at random.

As always I hope you all enjoyed that Evening Tea, and wish everyone a wonderful evening!

Until next time!

Jon, out.


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