Late Night Java

If you haven’t figured out by now my lovely fellow bloggers. I tend to be writing these posts with a common theme of coffee in the title.

So I can only hope you understand what I mean when I say you’re about to read a Late Night Java. Enjoy

Let’s start with some music as always. Be Still by The Fray. I recently found out that they had released a new album sometime at the beginning of this year. Good song.

Anyways, so for those of u taking this java late at night with me then you know how I’m feeling now. Tired. Being tired, but staying awake can create an effect similar to being drunk, but then again I assume you have to know what being drunk is before you can say such things.

I personally don’t drink, but I imagine it’s slightly similar to drinking some Vicks for a cold. Right before you go under it’s like being in a different world.


So I always wondered about the triceratops. Like dafuq dude, why do you have three horns? Science always told me its for protection and mating or whatnot, but seriously tribroatops, why three?

Like what would the triceratops say?

“Aww Jon man, listen I got this great, no Jon listen man, I got this. Haha, listen I got this idea, listen Jon, like what if. What if I had a horn… On my facking nose and like I just put two extra on my head. Bro it would be facking genius!”

Facking. Genius.

What I think is that the triceratops was a sick perverted individual though. Like think about this.

Two in the pink, one in the stink.

That is a triceratops, those sneaky bastards.

They’re using their triple penetration horns to fulfill their sexual agenda this whole time.

Defense my ass, they prolly wanted to molest those T. Rexs’ and the Rex would be like ‘stranger danger dude!’ So triceratops is all like ‘naw man I just wanna get the tip.’

So in the end that’s where babies come from.

Trisexytops being horny (get it?).


This has been a Late Night Java.

From your lovable trisexytops, enjoy your nights people.

Jon, out.


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