Cup of Morning the 3rd

Good morning everyone! It’s another day to be alive and another day for a freshly brewed Cup of Morning!

Today’s song of choice shall be Helicopter by Bloc Party. Definitely something that will raise your heart beat!


Wanna know what’s amazing? Waking up in the morning before the alarm goes off, and on top of that you’re not even tired!

Sure there’s rain outside, but right now you’re feeling so good it could be raining cute ninja puppies and you’d be just dandy.

I love these days because it’s not just the waking up or the AMAZING peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich I had.

It’s the feeling you get when you know you’re gonna have a good day. It’s unexplainable really, but it’s this feeling that you just know it’s gonna be smooth sailing ahead.

For some people happiness can be found in success, for others it can be found in helping others, and others still will find happiness when being spanked by a dominatrix.

I however find happiness in the little things in life like getting up a little bit early for a day.

So this is me wishing you all that today you find your own dominatrix. Whether it be the one that has you tied up and is about to use the belt. Or the dominatrix that makes it rain ninja stripper midgets.

A happy day to all!

I hope you enjoyed today’s Cup of Morning.

Jon, out.


You enter a new adventure

Mission Started! Read one DPchallenge blog. Reward: +125 EXP

You enter into this blog and wonder like always if this will be ‘that’ blog.

You know, the blog you always dream of where the writer is exactly what you’re looking for. An intelligent individual that mirrors your beliefs in every way woohoo!

You really don’t know what to expect from this blog, but you decide to press on further. So who is this man?

You read the title “yummygradedgoodness” and wonder if it’s part of some inside joke. Maybe this guy is a humour blogger, but really it sounds more school-related. Continuing on you read the ‘adventure into blah blah blah college’ and figure this guy is some form of college student. ‘Mystery solved’ you think to yourself

His theme is alright, nothing to get in a fuss about, he most likely chose it for its simplicity and it does fill up the whole page. Speaking of pages you decide to open up a tab with his ‘about’ page. The guy isn’t bad-looking, and honestly you really can’t form that much from just the picture. He has an enthusiastic want for blogging what’s in his head. You come to the conclusion that he’s not a psychopath or some intense blogging nut. Just some guy trying to blog.

Now comes the meat of the material: his actual posts. You see the title Red vs. Blue: A Real Life Political Cartoon. Well at least he’s interested in politics some, not bad for a college kid. Sending an SOS, well it looks like he’s actively involved in the current crisis of this generation. You see a lot of life stuff on there so he must have a lot of thoughts on philosophical subjects.

So not really a dream blogger, but it wasn’t all a waste of time.

All in all there’s not much, but you figure this college kid might pull out a good post or two so you leave the blog decide whether to follow him and leave with a tip of your hat.

It’s the small quaint adventures that make life a little more interesting.

You venture off towards more blogs awaiting the next adventure.

Mission Complete! Read one DPchallenge blog!

+125 EXP!

LVL UP! +5 blog skill +2 opinion +3 reading skill!